Recognition of the prince and his couple made the effect of an exploding bomb. Revelations about complex relationships with family, thoughts about suicide and racist statements literally excited the public. Discussing the spicy details of the life of the couple, the whole

“Luin täältä Facebookissa.” Aloita keskustella sukupuolen abstraktista. Aivan ikään kuin muistan yhtäkkiä joitain viestejä, jotka luet sosiaalisissa verkostoissa tai Fresco Cosmon Lovegra Kysytkö kysymyksiä ja yllätys: “Tiedätkö mitä tyyppiä Nyrkkeily on? “,” Kuvittele, ystävälläni oli 30 kumppania kuusi kuukautta! “jne. Nämä keskustelut annetaan miehille ja säädetään halutulla tavalla.

world seemed to be frozen in anticipation: what will the Buckingham Palace answer this? And here she is the first swallow.

Members of the Royal Family of Great Britain made a statement in response to an interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which they gave the American TV presenter Winfrey. “It was sad to find out we all about how difficult years have been for Harry and Megan in the last years. The raised topics, especially related to racism, cause concern, ”the statement said. The Buckingham Palace also added that “although memories may not match, they will be taken seriously and will be discussed in private”.

Recall that on the eve of Megan and Harry in an interview made several shocking statements. In particular, the Duchess admitted that, being part of the family, she did not feel safe. She said that at some point she had problems with mental health-she began to attend thoughts of suicide, but she was refused the help of third-party organizations, since this was not accepted in the palace.

Megan also said that during her first pregnancy, some representatives of the courtyard were concerned, “how dark the skin of the child will be,” and even discussed this issue with Harry. Markle did not call names, not wanting to cause trouble to these people. At the same time, in an interview, she noted that from the very beginning she had a very good relationship with Queen Elizabeth II and members of the royal family.

When asked by the TV presenter why they left the country, Harry replied that, firstly, he was afraid for the life of Megan because of the attacks of the press, and secondly, they did not receive any support from the family. “Previously, I was a trap of the system, like my father and brother, and did not understand this,” he said.

Harry spoke quite warmly about his relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, but about his father, Prince Charles, said that he had stopped answering his calls as soon as he and Megan decided to move to the United States. Harry also said that after abandoning the royal powers, his family was deprived of protection and financing and now they live with his mother’s money, Princess Diana. To earn money, they and Megan have concluded contracts with Spotify and Netflix.